Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base
Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base
Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base
Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base
Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base
Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base
Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base
Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base

Britax B-Safe Nanotex Ultra Infant Car Seat + Base


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The B-Safe Ultra infant car seat is designed for safety, comfort, and mobility. The Nanotex fabric provides stylish safety and is spill-, stain-, and odor-resistant. Easily and securely install the car seat with a base or without. Two layers of side impact protection plus the patented Britax SafeCell Impact Protection system mean your baby is surrounded in safety. Britax single stroller compatible.


  • 2 layers of side protection with deep foam-lined shell and quick-adjust head protection absorb energy and shield your child.
  • SafeCell Impact Protection  is a system of patented safety features including SafeCell® Impact-Absorbing Base and Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame.
  • European Belt Guide provides an easy installation without a base - perfect for travel or city living.
  • Proudly engineered, tested and made in the USA with global components for top safety and quality.


  • SafeCenter LATCH makes it simple to tighten and secure the infant car seat base in your vehicle.
  • Easy-on / Easy-off LATCH Connectors lock into place with an audible click and are easily released with the push of a button. 
  • Built-in lock-offs ensure a snug vehicle seat belt installation with minimal effort.
  • Spring-Assisted Recline and Dual Level Indicators makes selecting the proper installation angle a breeze.


  • Quick-adjust no-rethread harness makes it easy to change the harness height as your child grows.
  • Flip-forward belly pad maximizes your baby’s comfort and provides easy access to harness buckle.
  • Easy-remove cover pulls free of the car seat for cleaning without having to remove the harness.
  • Removable comfort pillow cushions your child and provides extra support. 
  • Ergonomic handle  is comfortable to carry with your hand or forearm.
  • Extra-large canopy protects your little one from sun and rain.


  • Contoured shell provides a comfortable, safe fit for your child. 
  • Easy-release harness button makes it simple to loosen harness straps.

Child Weight 4 - 35 lbs
Child Standing Height 32" or less
Child Seated Shoulder Height 5.5 - 11"
Product Weight 20.5 lbs
Product Dimensions 17.75" W x 25" H x 26.5" D
Seat Back Compartment Height 20"
Seat Area Depth / Width 13" / 8.75"
Shoulder Width 10"
Harness Slot Heights 5.5" / 6.5" / 8" / 8.75" / 10" / 11"
Buckle Strap Depths 4" / 6"

What is Nanotechnology?
Nanotex changes the fiber on a molecular level, so it permanently resist spills and stains. The change in surface energy keeps moisture on the top of the fabric, instead of sinking in or staining.

Is it fire-retardant?
Yes, Nanotex fabric is fire-retardant. 

Is it machine-washable?
It’s best to hand wash and air dry your Nanotex cover to ensure the quality of the product is maintained for the life of the seat.

What is recommended cleaning solution?
We recommend using ½ Tsp of a mild detergent like Dreft®, to 1 cup of water.

Are there more chemicals in the Nanotex fabric? Is it less safe on my baby’s skin?
Nanotex does not contain or emit harmful substances, and its silver ion technology protects against the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It is free of heavy metals, phenols, phthalates, odor and skin sensitizers, PFOS and PFOA. It does not cause skin irritation or pose a threat to air quality.

Is Nanotex just on the fabric of the seat, or is it also on the harness?
The Nanotex fabric can be found on the stroller and car seat covers, the infant car seat boot and canopy, the stroller canopy and storage basket.

I already have a Britax car seat, can I buy a Nanotex cover set to use on my car seat?
No, the Nanotex Collection is a limited-release fabric available exclusively for our Brixy retail partners.

Does the Nanotex fabric keep my child cool and dry?
The Nanotex fabric is moisture-resistant, making it easy to wipe away spills. The main benefit is to prevent stains from setting into the seat.